Must Do: Love yourself!

Are you someone who have regrets more than gratefulness? Are you someone who contemplate on what you should have replied in an argument that happened 10 years ago? Do you feel bad for being you?! Are you the one who always end up apologising in most of the arguments? You are just an over-thinker. You […]

Alaipayuthey – My tribute!

Last month, many fans in Tamil Nadu celebrated 20 years of Alaipayuthey. Alaipayuthey is a tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Mani Rathnam. This movie was also released in Telugu as Sakhi and in Hindi remade and released as Saathiya. If you are an Indian, you are sure to know the storyline and […]

Karthik Dial seidha En Seriyanadhu!

‘Karthik Dial seidha En’ (lit. The number that Karthik Dialled) is a Tamil short film that released yesterday on YouTube. It was directed by my most favourite person and famous Tamil film director, Gautham Vasudev Menon. The main characters of the movie Karthik and Jessie who had been broken up for 10 years now, talk […]

Quick Note: Feminism is not against men

Feminism is never against men. It is against patriarchy in a society.¬† Women do not have to go crazy when men do not understand this. Because more than half women do not understand this on the first place. They go around hurting men, false blaming and covering up their mistake using the cover ‘Feminist’. Not […]

Relationship advice: Mixed signals means NO

Target Readers – Teenagers – I was 16 years old when the following incident happened. It was difficult for me to live. I felt like I lost the purpose of life. Nothing seemed real. I came to know from somebody that the boy who lived nextdoor thought I was ugly to date and trust me […]