Live Life Like A Holiday

Have you ever noticed how good you feel during your holiday? How light, joyful and authentic? Everything is just wonderful. No pressure, no deadlines, no stress. Well, what if you could rewire your brain and rethink your entire life, making it a holiday too. One that starts with your birth and ends with your death. […]

Happy New Year

I am just starting to write without thinking much. I haven’t been writing for a year now and I couldn’t read my favourite blog posts because 2020 was really heavy. After that the ghost of being inconsistent only made me stop writing blogs. But right now, I decided to post something here and also to […]

Chivalry can die! No problemo

Chances are that you might not actually know the meaning for the word ‘chivalry’ but you might be someone who is doing or expecting it atleast a tiny bit! Chivalry usually refers to few activities or gestures that men courteously show towards women. Examples are when they hold the door for women or when they […]

Quick Note: Unconditional Love

Is there anything called unconditional love? If yes, which type of relationship have them. If you could answer one, can you say that that unconditional love is always present? No. People say that they would do anything for their loved ones. Some people even do. I am jealous of them. I think only few percentage […]